Are We Legit?


Who I am?

My name is Libra

-Owners of Courses2day and

-Discord community owner with hundreds of trusted members on Discord

-A reseller that buys courses from the original site and sells them for an affordable price, I have 30 TB full of courses related to business, marketing, sales, fitness, sex, hypnosis, NLP and everything.


How can I believe you?

My guarantee is the members of my discord community (more than 190 members and still growing daily). You can easily find out for yourself if we’re legit by discussing it with people in the community. Here is the link to join my community:


1. If you still think I’m just a random guy trying to scam you for money, you’re completely wrong. Unlike others, even if the amount is low, it’s hard earned money and I respect that

2. This is a review channel of a few testimonials out of thousands of good testimonials and messages I received after business:

If you are satisfied with our services, please leave us a positive feedback. Your honest feedback is really important for us to improve our service! thank you


Okay looks legit, What payments do you accept?

-We accept PayPal because it is protected and secure but if you don’t have it in extreme case we can try Bitcoin, ETH or USDT

I believe you will be the best choice but After payment, how long will it take to deliver the course? and how do i get the course?

-Course will be delivered within 2 minutes after payment as Mega link

What about any course that I don’t have and you want it?

It’s very simple, just message me the course name and sales page, I will try my best to help you. Send me a message with your course request here:

Okay, I have one more question

Well you can annoy me with your questions by texting me and you can only buy when you are satisfied because

Here we care about you and believe in 100% satisfaction guarantee

I will always be active on Discord from 8am – 10pm (GMT+8), drop me a message if you have any questions

Best regards,

Libra – Admin Courses2day